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Welcome to the Transaction Platform

A platform for transacting in MTN Zakhele shares on the JSE using the MTN Zakhele Facilitated Trading Process.

MTN Zakhele Shareholders

From 19 September 2016 at 9am, MTNZ Shareholders can use the MTN Zakhele Facilitated Trading Process to make their elections using the Transaction Platform (website or call centre). Shareholders will need to complete a verification and registration process before making these elections.

MTN Zakhele shareholder election choices:

MTN Zakhele is maturing and unwinding on 24 November 2016. MTN Zakhele shareholders have the choice of realising their net value at maturity by electing:
  • MTN shares; or
  • Cash consideration equal to the market price of the MTN shares (Cash); or
  • MTN Zakhele Futhi shares in terms of the re-investment offer (subject to MTN Zakhele Futhi going ahead); or
  • Some combination of the above choices.

If you do not make a valid election or if you own less than 50 MTN Zakhele shares, you will receive Cash.
If you want to receive Cash in respect of ALL your MTN Zakhele shares, then YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE ANY ACTION, but please make sure that MTN Zakhele has your correct bank details and that your bank account is active.
If your bank details have changed – please complete the Change of Details Form.
All elections made using the website and call centre must be made by no later than:

  • in the case of MTNZ Futhi shares –12:00 on Wednesday, 19 October 2016; and
  • in the case of MTN shares and/or Cash –12:00 on Wednesday, 16 November 2016.

If you have been verified for the MTN Zakhele Independent Trading Process, please contact your broker or CSDP to make your election.

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Shareholder Call Centre
083 123 6869

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